Citation and Use of IPUMS MICS

Publications and research reports based on the IPUMS MICS must cite it appropriately. The citation should include the following:

The registration agreement for IPUMS MICS requires that users provide us with the title and full citation for any publications, research reports, or educational materials making use of the data or documentation. Please add your citation to the IPUMS bibliography.

For policy briefs or articles in the popular press that use the IPUMS MICS, we recommend that you cite the use of IPUMS as follows:

IPUMS MICS, University of Minnesota,

Citation of source data

Users should also cite the MICS source data appropriately for each sample you have used. Please see the country specific reports for citation details. In general, the country partnerships with UNICEF are formatted according to the following framework:

Generic citation

[The name of the relevant MICS partner institution(s)] and UNICEF. [Survey year]. [Country] Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey [survey year(s)]: [Dataset/Final Report]. [City], [The name of the relevant MICS partner institution(s)] and UNICEF.

Example citation

Central Statistics Organisation (CSO) and UNICEF (2012). Afghanistan Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2010-2011: Final Report. Kabul: Central Statistics Organisation (CSO) and UNICEF.

Partner organizations

Afghanistan Central Statistics Organisation
Albania National Institute of Statistics
Algeria National Office of Statistics
Argentina National Institute of Statistics and Censuses
Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
Barbados Barbados Statistical Service
Belarus Ministry of Statistics and Analysis
Belize Statistical Institute of Belize
Benin National Institute of Statistics and Economic Analysis
Bhutan National Statistics Bureau
Bosnia and Herzegovina The Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federal Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Srpsk, the Institute for Public Health of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and The Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Burkina Faso National Institute of Statistics and Demography
Burundi Institute of Statistics and Economics
Cameroon Central Bureau of Census and Population Studies
Central African Republic Institute of Statistics, Economics, and Social Studies
Chad Institute of Statistics, Demographics, and Economics
Congo National Institute of Statistics
Congo, Democratic Republic National Institute of Statistics
Costa Rica National Institute of Statistics and Censuses
Côte d'Ivoire National Institute of Statistics
Cuba Directorate of Medical Records and Office of National Statistics
Dominican Republic National Statistics Office
Egypt Ministry of Health and Population and El-Zanaty and Associates
El Salvador General Directorate of Statistics and Censuses
Eswatini Central Statistical Office
Fiji Islands Bureau of Statistics
Gambia Gambia Bureau of Statistics
Georgia National Statistical Office of Georgia
Ghana Ghana Statistical Services
Guinea National Statistics Directorate
Guinea Bissau Ministry of Economy and the State Secretariat for Planning and Regional Integration
Honduras National Institute of Statistics
Indonesia Statistics Indonesia
Iraq Central Organization for Statistics and Information Technology and Kurdistan Regional Statistics Office
Jamaica Statistical Institute
Kazakhstan Agency of Statistics
Kenya National Bureau of Statistics
Kiribati National Statistical Office
Kosovo Agency of Statistics
Kyrgyz Republic National Statistical Committee
Laos Department of Statistics
Lebanon (Palestinian Camps in Lebanon) Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
Lesotho Bureau of Statistics
Macedonia State Statistical Office
Madagascar National Institute of Statistics
Malawi National Statistical Office
Mali National Directorate of Statistics and Informatics
Mauritania National Statistical Office
Mexico National Institute of Public Health
Moldova National Centre of Public Health of the Ministry of Health
Mongolia National Statistical Office
Montenegro Statistical Office of Montenegro
Mozambique National Institute of Statistics
Nepal Central Bureau of Statistics
Nigeria National Bureau of Statistics
Pakistan Bureau of Statistics
Palestine Central Bureau of Statistics
Panama Census and Statistics Directorate
Paraguay General Directorate of Statistics, Surveys, and Censuses
Qatar Ministry Of Development Planning and Statistics
Saint Lucia Ministry of Social Transformation, Local Government and Community Empowerment and Central Statistics Office
Samoa Bureau of Statistics
São Tomé and Príncipe National Institute of Statistics
Senegal National Agency of Statistics and Demography
Serbia Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia
Sierra Leone Statistics Sierra Leone
Somalia Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation
South Sudan Ministry of Health and National Bureau of Statistics
Sudan Central Bureau of Statistics
Suriname General Bureau of Statistics and Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing
Syria Central Bureau of Statistics
Tajikistan State Committee on Statistics
Thailand National Statistical Office
Togo National Institute of Statistics (INSEED)
Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Social Development and Family Services and Central Statistical Office
Tunisia Ministry of Development and International Cooperation and National Institute of Statistics
Turkmenistan State Committee of Statistics
Turks and Caicos Islands Department of Statistics
Tuvalu Central Statistics Division
Ukraine State Statistics Service and Ukrainian Center for Social Reforms
Uruguay National Institute of Statistics
Uzbekistan State Statistical Committee
Vanuatu Ministry of Health
Vietnam General Statistics Office
Yemen Ministry of Health and Population
Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency