Subnational Sample Design

In MICS, most samples are representative at the national level. However, there are two main types of subnational samples:

See the country specific reports for further details about the sample design.

Subnational samples are identified in IPUMS in the following ways:

  • In the data selection tab, they appear with a purple circle i icon and explanation of the sample.
  • In the SAMPLE variable.
  • In the SUBNATIONAL variable.
  • Using a letter to identify the sample in the sample ID. The letter "a" following a sample name indicates a national sample. Any letter other than "a" (for example "b", "c", "d", etc.) represents a subnational survey. These letters are only used to differentiate the samples and are assigned based on the order in which samples are released.
  • Some samples have both a national sample and sub-national sample within the same year. If only a sub-national sample is listed, there is not a national sample.

    The following samples have an identified population or a subnational geographic unit included in the sample design:

    Country Years Applicable Identified Populations/Geographies
    Bosnia and Herzegovina 2011 National sample (ba2011a)
    Sample of Roma population (ba2011b)
    Egypt 2013 Select rural districts (eg2013b)
    Ghana 2010-2011 National sample (gh2011a)
    Accra City (gh2010b)
    Indonesia 2011 Papua (id2011b)
    West Papua (id2011c)
    Kenya 2009
    Mombasa Informal Settlements (ke2009b)
    Nyanza Province (ke2011b)
    Bungoma (ke2013b)
    Kakamega (ke2013c)
    Turkana (ke2013d)
    Kosovo 2013
    National sample (xk2013a, xk2019a)
    Sample of Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian Communities (xk2013b, xk2019b)
    Lebanon 2005
    Palestinians living in camps (lb2005b, lb2011b)
    Macedonia 2011
    National sample (mk2011a, mk2018a)
    Sample of Roma population (mk2011b, mk2018b)
    Madagascar 2012 4 Regions in the south: Anosy, Androy, Atsimo Atsinanana, and Atsimo Andrefana (mg2012b)
    Mongolia 2012
    Khuvsgul Aimag (mn2012b, mn2016b)
    Nalaikh (mn2012c, mn2016c)
    Montenegro 2013
    National sample (me2013a, me2018a)
    Sample of Roma population (me2013b, me2018b)
    Nepal 2010 Mid-and Far-Western regions (np2010b)
    Pakistan all years Balochistan 2010 (pk2010b), 2019 (pk2019b)
    Punjab 2011 (pk2011b), 2014 (pk2014b), 2017(pk2017b)
    Sindh 2014 (pk2014c), 2018 (pk2018b)
    Gilgit-Baltistan 2016 (pk2016b)
    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 2016 (pk2016c), 2019 (pk2019c)
    Serbia 2010
    National sample (rs2010a, rs2014a, rs2019a)
    Sample of Roma population (rs2010b, rs2014b, rs2019b)
    Senegal 2015 Dakar City (sn2015b)
    Somalia 2011 Northeast (so2011b)
    Somaliland (so2011c)
    Thailand 2015-2016 National sample (th2015a)
    Bangkok (th2015b)
    14 provinces (th2016b)
    2019 National sample (th2019a)
    17 Provinces (th2019b)
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